Dive4Vets pays for therapeutic scuba diving certification for wounded service members of all combat campaigns. Service members with physical or psychological injuries, or both, can benefit from this healing activity. We do certify anyone looking for dive instruction for a donation of $499.95 which is all inclusive. We teach fun and your donation gives necessary therapy to a wounded service member.


Why is our service free to Service Members?
Wounded service members sustained their injuries while they defended our freedom and way of life. They put their lives on the line for complete strangers. Dive4Vets and its supporters firmly believe we owe it to our heroes and their brave families to help them heal.


Who qualifies for our service?
Any service member who was wounded or injured in combat. PTSD is a qualified injury. Dive4Vets is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. If you are a wounded warrior OUTSIDE of Florida and can afford to pay for travel and boarding, you are welcome to join us. At this time we can not afford to pay for travel. When updates are made, the website will reflect any and all changes. If you are interested in our service and cannot make it to Ft. Lauderdale, please have your local dive shop contact us. We are looking to expand our reach nationally and would like to bring dive instructors on board to help this expansion. Dive4Vets will still pay for your certification through your local dive shop. We do have to have a copy of your DD214 to provide our service for every location.

How do service members feel about our program?
Wounded service members often send words and letters of appreciation. Families are grateful too. We have never experienced one service member, or a family member, who did not let us know the huge impact our programs have on their lives. It is a wonderful sight to see a family come together with a new hobby that not only increases family fun, but gives the wounded service member back the independence they lost.

Scuba diving for wounded service members has greatly reduced the number of post war suicides because it restores a sense of independence. That is why we will continue to offer this program for wounded service members of all combat campaigns.

What are the Benefits of therapeutic scuba?
Dive4Vets therapeutic scuba diving can help wounded service members improve many areas of their health:

Motor skills, Mobility, Muscle and Cardiovascular Strength, Blood Flow, Pain Reduction, Psychological Well-Being (Confidence), etc.

Changes in water pressure sometimes move shrapnel to a safer place in the body for surgical removal. Sometimes it even leaves the body on its own.

Painful, major injuries dramatically change service members’ roles in the jobs, in their families, and in society. Sometimes they can no longer contribute. This is devastating to natural protectors, who push themselves to extremes, take charge, and perform courageous acts daily. One result is isolation.

Scuba diving, unlike many other therapeutic activities, requires a buddy system. This social side of diving fights the long-term, damaging effects of social separation.

The underwater environment is also an opportunity for wounded service members to realize how capable they are. Disabilities seem to disappear as they experience pain-free movement for the first time. This contributes to positive, life-long changes. Everyone benefits from the wounded service member to every member of his/her family.

How can I volunteer?
Thank you for giving your time and your skills to this life-changing program. Your help brings joy and healing into the lives of our heroic, wounded service members and their families.

Please fill out the Contact Us page. Specify your location, and what you would like to do. While we are located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, we are looking for Scuba Instructors who have experience with handicapped scuba divers to assist us in their locations so we can grow the amount of service members and families we help. Please do not let location limitations stop you from volunteering your services if you are interested.

Will I receive a tax credit if I volunteer or donate?
Dive4Vets is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. All donations will be acknowledged with a receipt which can be used for a tax credit when you file.